Is it okay for me to use a pacifier for my baby? I am trying to wean him off the breast.

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Weaning is ultimately a personal decision and should be based on what's best for your family -- perhaps you're returning to work and need the flexibility of bottle-feeding, for instance. Most mothers choose to wean their baby off the breast when she's 4-7 months old, If you choose the wean him off the breast using pacifier, you will then have to wean him off once more from pacifier. I personally feel you should wean him off the breast totally or immediately. Take it slowly so that it's better for both of you. Skin to skin contact is the best bonding moments for babies and mummies. Please treasure it.

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My friend used a pacifier to wean her then 9 month old off the breast and she had a hard time weaning him off the pacifier when he was older. Apparently her son associated the pacifier as a replacement for mommy's breast aka source of comfort. Perhaps you shouldn't just depend on the pacifier -- use a mix of milk bottle, sippy cups (if baby is old enough) and introducing solids to baby's diet. This way, baby won't just depend on one thing and you woudn't end up having to break another habit in the future.

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I used a pacifier to wean him off when he was young. It served well for me as my nipples were sore and he wasnt really wanting to drink, more for sucking for comfort. I managed to wean him off pacifier after I stopped bf. He transited well and took on the bottle too.