To give pacifier or not

Hi parents, Need some opinion and advice here! My 10mo is attending infant care soon and I’m thinking if I should allow him to continue using pacifier for naps. My LO don’t use pacifier during wake time but is sometimes dependent on pacifier for naps and definitely need to use it for overnight sleep. I’m just worried that if i don’t let him use pacifier at all, he will be lack of sleep n super cranky due to poor naps in IFC. But on the other hand, I also have intention to wean him soon. Would you just give pacifier first then lessen the amount of usage at home and gradually wean off, or just totally cut and don’t giving starting from IFC? TIA!

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not my baby but my sister used this method. let baby use it for now if it helps. but once baby is old enough to understand conversation, ask baby to throw away the pacifier by themselves. when they ask for it, tell them "eh but just now u throw it away already." they will whine for awhile but keep reminding them that they're the one who throw it away. After a few days will stop asking alr. works for all her 3 kids :)

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2y ago

2ish if I remember correctly. roughly ard the time when they can understand you.