Is drinking alcohol in front of the kids really detrimental? Should we completely avoid this or is there a workaround? I am asking this because a lot of times friends visit our place or we go to their's and a lot of times we happen to have a couple of beers, smoking of course we completely avoid but regarding drinking also I want to be sure if this kind of exposure is not harming him in anyway.

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If it is not a frequent activity and the children understand the possible hazards of drinking, then it should be fine. Smoking however, is another issue. Second-hand smoke (friends smoking) is detrimental to children and should be avoided at all costs. There's a higher risk of your children contracting asthma.

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I would say when kids are younger they won't be influenced whether you drink or not. But when they are more aware of the acts done by adult, e.g. 5years old, they will ask and mimic your actions. Best is to provide a good role model and examples in front of our children.

I don't think drinking infront of the kids is a problem. I am more concern of smoking instead as it is in the air. Considerate smokers will avoid smoking in area where kids are.