5 more sleeps!

5 more sleeps and we will know our baby’s gender! We are beyond excited I am not quite sure how to explain this but this feeling is so unreal but really good too. Am I really going to be a mom? Baby is doing a lot of somersaults these days ☺️ counting my blessings ♥️

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💙❤️ Aww I know how you feel! I couldn’t sleep towards my baby gender reveal appt! Hahaha Just sharing, gender disappointment is real. If you or husband have been expecting a particular gender, try not to put so much hopes and believe all those old wives tales. Me and husb wanted a boy and even my mom told me I could be expecting a boy. I don’t wear make up and and be lazy all day - characteristics of carrying a boy they say, oh well. Turns out I’m expecting a lil cheeky princess who knows how to turn towards the camera when doing ultrasound! She’s even more active than most baby girls in wombs. I am so so blessed to carry her in my tummy regardless of all the back aches and butt pain.. hahaha. And what’s even more beautiful is, we are the chosen mothers to carry our child. Not many have that opportunity. There is always a blessing for whatever gender it will turn out to be. What matters most is baby is healthy regardless it’s a boy or girl. Can start preparing for baby colours soon! Soooooo excited for you!! 😍😍

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