eating non stop

I'm on week 9 and I finally stopped feeling nausea and giddy. But since then, I've been eating non stop. Keep feeling hungry after an hour or two. Is it normal?

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I wouldn’t say it’s abnormal, but better watch your food/calorie intake, my friend! My gynae said the most ideal weight gain is 10kg only 😅

How I wish I have such a good appetite as yours. I'm 9wks too and still no appetite and can never keep my food down. 😩

3y ago

I was like that throughout. Only beginning to feel better in week 9! May it be easy for u soon. 😀

For me is pretty normal, as im still having morning sickness. Each time i vomit , after will be my meal time

Super Mum

Yes, I also get hungry easier when I was pregnant. I ate yogurt/digestive biscuits whenever I feel hungry.

Yes, it’s normal! The hunger I had was insane.. haha 😆 Took cereal, fruits in between meals

3y ago

Yes I agree. The hunger was insane. Felt like I could have buffet and still not feeling full. Haha

Yes its nrmal. Just eat small portion but frequent eating.

Super Mum

It's normal 😂 I had the same issue

It's super normal. No worry