week 37

I'm on week 37 and so far there has been no signs of labour. Should I be worried? What can I do so that I can go into labour soon?

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Walk more often. It’s normal for first pregnancy and it can progress until 39 or 40 weeks. Listen to your gynae advice. If it requires induction, please do so. Otherwise you can wait until natural contractions for labour to take place,

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Depend.. I tot mine also won't be so fast, but Week 37 just 2 days after I visit my gynae, I went into early labour.. just packed your hospital bag ready.. so you won't forget anything.

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No u shud enjoy the last lap of ur pregnancy! Still have 3 more wks to go.. labour cn be anytime soon..baby will make his/her grand entrance when its time k.. 💪🏼

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Don’t worry. Week 37 is considered full term so it’s anytime from now till Week 40. Enjoy this last stretch and try to sleep and rest more! You will need it!

I did lots of walking & squats for 2 weeks. (Starting from week 37) & my cervix was 2cm open 1 day before 39weeks. I was admitted & delivered the day after.

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Just relax yourself. I gave birth c-sec at 40weeks full term cause no sign at all. As long both healthy, normal or c-sec doesn’t matter 👍🏻💪🏻

Walk a lot. Go shopping and walk staircase. The labour will be easier too coz dilation seems faster for me... I chiong shopping 2 days b4 labour...

I had no signs of labor until I am giving birth on that day. I am overdue by 1 day. With that being said, continue to walk and do more squats.

Me too! Feeling heavy already on my pelvis and im gonna start walking every day and back to doing squats or kegel! Jiayou for us! 💪🏻