37 weeks 2 days

i really wanna go into labour soon 😭 i'm 37 weeks 2days today, my appt on last thurs doctor never check cervix but i feel like my cervix open a bit already 😅 so far, sometimes i have stomach cramps like need to poop but it goes away. my heartburn and indigestion is getting worst day by day. sometimes hard to breathe cause like burning feeling at my upper stomach. so far no bloody show,mucus plug or any water leakage. but my pelvic pain, sometimes i cannot walk cause its really pain feel like baby coming out if i continue to move.. next week 38 weeks doctor doing the membrane sweep she say some woman will go into labour few days after doing this . if not 38weeks 5 days doctor will induce me cause i have GDM. i'm so scared to be induce. what more can i do to make labour faster? 2nd baby, i've been doing some squating, lots of walking.

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Just walk a lot…. For me think I was too active that both babies came out at week 36 no matter how much I hope for them to come out much later

6mo ago

alright will try to walk more, i'm trying to stay active too.

Swimming? Talk to baby! Drink raspberry leaf tea.

6mo ago

alright will look online thanks ☺️

try curb walking too. look it up

6mo ago

my area all the curb near the road 😅 but i'll try if i see one thanks 😊

most effective is actually sex!

6mo ago

did that too 🤭