week 16 & baby bump

I'm on week 16 but there is no clear sight of baby bump. Is it normal? Is my baby growing healthily?

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dun worry, different bodies different pregnancies hence different bumps. 😊 Check out #16weekspregnant on Instagram or social media, you will see all sorts of sizes of the bumps. Regardless the size, you are normal! if you are worried whether baby is all well, check with your gynae.

Yes it is normal. My third pregnancy now and seems my bump is not like b4 too. As long as ur eating well.. It is fine love. Be sure to go see ur gynae regularly and tke proper medication esp ur folic acid.

Normal, don't worry, my baby bump is only visible at 7 months 😅 most ppl say FTM tummy not that huge because body isn't use to it.

ask your OB.

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Be kind

First pregnancy I couldn’t see much bump until week 20 onwards. Second pregnancy is more revealing in early stage!

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Everyone's bump size is different! My colleague is like 9 weeks ahead of me and our bump about same size

It's normal. The size of your bump really depends on individual. Some don't appear till week 20.

Different person different body. If your gynae said it’s fine then don’t stress about it.

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Yes, normal for first pregnancies

As long check up is ok