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Any moms who were literally flat at 16 weeks? I’m coming 17 weeks in 2 days and my baby bump is literally not there. No one believes that i’m pregnant at all. Is this normal? #babybump

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My bump around coming to 5months pregnant that time . People only start to realised I am pregnant when I am at 8months pregnant. But most of the time even my client is right infront of me didn’t even realised I am pregnant especially when I am sitting down. Gave birth at 37weeks 3days and my baby boy weigh 3.1kg! I was so worried that he will be underweight or not having enough nutrition inside my womb!

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As long as baby is growing well inside, all is normal! I wasn’t showing till after second trimester. Every mummy is different. I know of some who doesn’t even show much but gave birth to a healthy full-term baby! On a brighter note, you don’t have to spend on maternity clothes just yet!

If this is your first pregnancy, don't worry. I was about 24 weeks when my bump started to show. I was small in size. You'll start to show when it's your 2nd pregnancy onwards as your uterus has already stretched from the previous pregnancy.

Everyone is different :) as long as baby looks fine on ultrasound, it shd be alright. My bump still looked quite flat at 30 weeks and it wasn't obvious when I wore shorts. It only grew a lot more after 34 weeks.

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It’s normal, especially if it’s your 1st pregnancy. With my 1st, nobody could tell I’m pregnant until I’m 20+ weeks along

I'm 17 day 3 at times i feel like my bump hard & ( believe it's the baby head turning ) soft turning the other way round .

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why its so.different to me im.only 16 weeks but my baby bump is really.obvious...some say its like 6 months belly...


me 16 weeks and 3 days my bumps is before the navel... not so obvious... there's a bit of movement...

Hi mummy, I think it’s okay!! Just need to go for regular check ups to ensure baby is growing :D

me! I had no bump till 37weeks when I had a tiny bump only after meals! baby was born at 3.5kg

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