Nipt results turnaround time

Hello! Im waiting dor my nipt results. Feeling sooo anxious! How long did your results take including weekend? I took mine last Sat. Thanks all!

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I took mine last Sat too! Feeling anxious as well 🥲 the clinic said that it will take at least 12 days.. and they will give me a call if the result comes out earlier. Good luck and all the best ☘️

12mo ago

Yeah! I was given Dicletin during first trim but didn’t really helped as my vomiting was caused by gas and acid reflux! It was really bad, stomach felt burning and vomited stomach acid every day. Thank God I’m over that phase 🙏🏻 Tried congee, it works but not all the time tho.. I think the baby just doesn’t like rice 😩 Oh I bought quite a number of items during the previous pregnancy (was too excited the last time hahah), I think I’ll start getting more soon!! There are some sale going on on mummy’s market! Not sure if the deal is good but can check it out! 😊