NIPT results @ KKH - how fast for those received via email?

Hello mummies to be, anyone just did NIPT recently at KKH? I uds turnaround time is 2-3wks. Cos I just did mine (impromptu) today and I’m seeing my gynae next Tues so results won’t be out then. And so I was told they will emailed me instead in 3 wks. Anyone also received via email? Just wondering anyone got it SOONER than the timeline told to u? how many working days did u get it? Thankssss !!!

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Did you request for email? I’m not sure if they would do that. For me, they told me if there is no call, it means there are no high risk markers and at the subsequent appointment, the doctor gave me the report to show all the markers. As long as you dont receive any call within 2 weeks, it means it’s all cleared.

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They will call u if anything wrong. Otherwise no call means ok. Abt 2 weeks. It’ll pass by asap