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Dear all, how long did it take before you get your results for NIPT? I took it under private gynae. Did it on 23 Apr, it has been 2 weeks. #firstpregnancy

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Mine was ard 2 wks+. Was kind of anxious too cz at 2 wks still no news so I called my gynae's clinic and they said results just came in but gynae hadn't had the time to look through yet. Next day got a call to say all clear and the nurse told me the gender. Mine was private gynae too. You may want to try to call but u shld be getting the results v soon.

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My gynaecologist told me that if there will be something to worry she would call me once results are in but if all good she’ll wait till my next appointment. I got my tested in week 12, got results on week 16 check up. All was good, and she told the gender from the test results and confirmed via ultrasound as well. 🙏🏼

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Not sure if its different for the diff kinds like igene panaroma harmony etc. My igene took almost 2 wks i think. Mine kena cny period but clinic noe we ganchiong also 😂. Luckily got it on cny eye! U shld get urs soon too :):) they did mention to me if theres lesser samples the vendor may take longer time...

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i got it back on the 3rd week as lab got delayed. super anxious on that period 😬

Thank you so much for your replies! I just got my results!! All cleared.

Mine took 1.5 weeks at TMC.

private too, 2-3weeks