I'm planning to try joining a payday bazaar at a BPO company. What do you think are the products that sell out really well for BPO employees?

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during my BPO days, we usually have this bazaar and i have friends who joins them.. one of them sells chocolates like cadbury, hersheys and the like. The other one is a good cook so she sells merienda foods like spaghetti, pancit, macaroni soup, etc. Food is really a good product since most of us dont like the pantry food too much, or has gotten used to the fastfood. One friend also sells her preloved clothes.. She was a trendsetter and has too many clothes so I guess she declutters her closet monthly for wardrobe change.

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when I was a trainer for BPO before, I prefer to buy jackets, coffee mugs, unique 3in1 coffees, reading glasses, preloved clothes and bags, and something to design to the desk and chair

Anything trendy I guess would be fine. Clothes, make-up, small knick-knacks like wallets, small jewelry, or watches.

Clothes, shoes and anything that can make their OOTD. BPO workers are mostly made up of yuppies, I think.

Maybe jackets/blazers. Most of the BPO employees that I know bring jackets/blazers to work.