Morning sickness, no appetite and little bowel movement

Hi fellow moms! I’m in my 8th week of pregnancy. Morning sickness has been quite bad, no vomiting but constant nausea even at night. Haven’t had much appetite and been skipping meals - only sweet stuff (yoghurt, ice cream, fruits) don’t turn me off. But I’m also concerned about under-nourishing the little one (and getting gastric problems). Bowel movements have been really bad as a result (no motion for the last 5 days), and tummy feels bloated that all the more I don’t feel like eating. Wondering if any mommies have similar experiences or any tips to help. Thanks! #advicepls

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Hi, I am 5 weeks ahead of you and was the same previously, now better. You can also try plain rice, plain porridge, bread/bakery buns, plain veg, crackers etc. Everything just go for as plain as possible. Less oil, less spicy. Eat very small portion like every 1-2 hrs instead of eating everything up at one go. You might find some flavour you like, in my case, banana nutty bread, breadtalk floss bread and pizza. I also like to drink cold sweet drinks but i discovered even cold water satisfy me. I also saw the gynae and she prescribed Diclectin for me which helped greatly. Dont worry that much about nutrition first, focus on getting some food down. When you feel better you can focus on nutrition.

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