Morning sickness at week 10

Is it normal if morning sickness subside at week 10? Eg. I was very sensitive to smell and no appetite during my week 7 to 9. Now become less sensitive to smell and seems to have better appetite at week 10. It got me worried. 😕 thought morning sickness will only start to subside after week 12. My next gynae visit will be at week 12 for the NIPT test.

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it should be fine if you still have other pregnancy symptoms like tender/sore breast. I thought my morning sickness was getting better at end of week 11 coming to week 12 but after a good day of no vomiting & minimal nausea, the following 2 to 3 days were bad. like my morning sickness came back w a vengeance and today, I feel better again with slight nausea (like start of pregnancy) but no vomiting and I sincerely hope tomorrow would be the same for me. I think the red flag for miscarriage is usually red bloody discharge and menses like cramps... as long as these don't happen, you should be fine. don't stress yourself!

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Mine started to slowly get better at week 10 too. Still felt nauseous but it's better than weeks 8 and 9. Went for scan at week 12 and everything is fine. Though today (about to enter week 13) for some reason i was retching and gagging again. Don't worry too much mama! Jiayou!

It's ok because everyone is different. Some are not as affected by MS

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Yes , it’s quite common . . You are so lucky mommy .. take care

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normal. every pregnancy is different