Just too afraid 😔

Im a new mum (sahm), married to a great responsible husband. Our nb is now 9m and almost every night i cry while looking at my sleeping daughter thinking bout sudden death, sickness, or anything that can take her life. I love her so much and im just too afraid what if 1 day god take her life too soon?.. what if 1 day she will leave me for someone else? What if she meet with an accident due to my carelessness while crossing the road? And many more.. the feeling i have for my daughter is just too strong and i think ive never loved anyone this much.. i told my husband i dont think i want to have another baby cause i dont want my daughter to have lesser attention from us. Hes very understanding.. i lost my one and only beloved brother just 1 month before i gave birth and i am still grieving for him.. i miss him so much.. nothing can beat the feeling of losing my brother and the love for my child.. i pray to god every night for my daughter’s protection and the afterlife of my late brother.. thanks for reading mummies..

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hi mummy! i also lost my only brother before my lo was born. so sad but can't do anytjing but move forward and pray that he's in a better place. your feelings are valid. we just love are children so much that we fear for anything bad that may happen to them. but try to look past your worries and enjoy being with your child. take care!

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I think the first thing is to accept that you can't control what is to come. instead use that time to make your life more fulfilling and happy for you and your baby. what comes will come no point to think about it. don't spend all your time grieving and move forward for who is alive. from someone with the same experience as you.

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