I'm married but I intend to file a divorce with my husband soon. Is it possible for me not to add his name into my child's birth cert? I'm afraid he would snatch my son from my if we divorce. Someone please advise.

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Singapore Law usually grant mothers the full care and custody of the child. I'd suggest putting your husband's name on the birth cert too so you can file for a maintenance order for your child. He will be obligated to give your child allowance until he/she is 21 years old. You may wish to read more here: https://www.familyjusticecourts.gov.sg/what-we-do/family-courts/maintenance Take care.

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if you are not puting his name in the birth cert that mean the child is born without a father. I know child under 15 is under mother custody. But still if your husband having a lawyer to have that custody he need to have divorce first for a three years separation and carry on the custody.

Yes you can. As long as you have dna report to prove its his son you can file for maintenance too. Try to talk things out. Usually having a child will change the relationship too.

This is a complicated issue that involves different parties and different aspects -- I think it's better if you sought professional help and get legal advice from a lawyer.

Best is to put his name on the birth cert so that he can give your child maintenance money. And don't forget you won't get baby bonus for your child

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Yes possible not to add his name when you do the birth cert. But for the rest of your concerns, you can consider legal advises.

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Law in singapore usually favours the woman, esp in custody cases. Best to seek legal advice

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You should find out more from your lawyer etc don't make the wrong move take care!

Hey, I think it is better to seek legal advice for this

Better to seek legal advice