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I gave birth to my baby recently, but me and my partner not married. We were supposed to get married but due to some issue we have decided to call it off. Since baby birth cert has his name I'm wondering baby address will be under mine or his? If under his do I need to change baby address? And where do I can it?

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He is the biological father of the child but may not consider as legally. Hence, your child may not inherit his estate in future unless your child is stated as the beneficiary in the will or as nominee of his cpf monies. You may want to check with lawyer or MUIS(for Muslim)

im in same situation as you. if not married, cant put his name in. only your name and details will be included. baby will take your race also. for address, will follow your NRIC address for baby. basically, everything for baby will follow yours. hope this helps

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if yall falsely declare, can be charged. they told me that.

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Who registered the birth? If you’re registering, put your address

Under yours. I am in the same situation as you

Under urs