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Hi any divorce parents here, I would like to seek for advise. My child is sticky to the grandmother. And I am currently staying at mil place. I am going through divorce and my soon to be hub contribute nth since the child birth, now he wanted to snatch the child from me and keep telling me that the judge will only give me 2 days of care is there such law? Or will the judge determine on grandparents to judge? My son is currently 2 years old. Hope I can get some advised!

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best to hire a lawyer to help you. for what I know the judge will base on alot of points not just in law etc. they will give to the one which benefits the child best

its hard to get full custody in sg usually it will be share custody. but for care and control always mother. thats what i know. im going through divorced too

Care and control will always be the mom of the child .