I'm currently separated with my husband, gonna file for divorce in June. I just had a baby, baby's father is not my husband. Registered baby's birth as a single mom. Just wanna know if I'm entitled for the baby bonus as well as the CDA. Thanks in advance

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If baby is registered as single mother without a father's name, although married, I don't think you will be eligible for baby bonus but cda will be granted. You will have to contact msf to let them guide you through this. Unless you get married again to another person and go to court to add in father's name before your child is 12, you should be able to get the baby bonus. You can call msf or email them, they are very detailed and prompt in replies. http://www.msf.gov.sg/

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7y ago

Apparently I called MSF and they told me in not eligible for any baby bonus benefits. and that includes the cash gift and CDA No benefits for single moms.

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Unwed mothers do not get the Baby Bonus cash gift and parenthood tax rebates, and have to wait until they are 35 years old to buy a Housing Board flat under the singles scheme.

7y ago

I'm currently still legally married to my husband but just that baby's father is not him.. Still considered unwed?