I'm in week 25 of my pregnancy and I'm always hungry!! What can I eat that's filling and healthy without putting on too much weight?

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Same here, 25 weeks along and always hungry! I consulted my OB about 2 weeks ago and she advised that I consume brown rice and whole wheat bread instead of white to lessen the possibility of developing gestational diabetes. I followed her advice and I also increased my veggies intake. For breakfast, I now usually eat a bowl of oatmeal with milk. And then, I eat full meal for lunch (rice, veggies and meat) but I limit my brown rice to just half or 1 cup max. I usually have wheat bread sandwich for pm snacks and eat just fish/meat and veggies at night. Surprisingly, brown rice and whole wheat breads are more filling for longer hours despite the smaller servings than when I eat white rice and breads. I also make sure to drink water frequently in between meals throughout the day. When I crave for sweets, my go-to snack is black chocolate oatmeal cookies (bought online or my own home-baked). I have also learned to prep and bake a few other whole-wheat pastries already (thanks to Google) so I can have alternative snacks from time to time. 😊 Hope this helps! ❤

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