Hunger during early pregnancy

Im 6 week pregnant. I was somewhat overweight (5ft.4in height and 71.5 weight) when I missed my periods. Now I'm 73 kgs. I'm too hungry always and worried about gaining weight rapidly instead of healthy. I am always too tired to work out i somehow manage to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner but again hungry in half an hour after meals. Also my cravings...even if I give into my cravings it doesn't satisfy me..I feel as If I am eating something I don't want but agin hungry Please help #pregnancy

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Eat as much as you want mumma ☺️ just eat more healthy food . Try eating more fruits when you feel hungry , i ate a lot of fruits and home cooked meals when i was in the 2nd month . Keep yourself positive 🤗 and congratulations 🥳

me too the same here. whenever you are hungry eat nuts or fruits. that will satisfy you more. eat less more often. congratulation