I'm in week 25 of my pregnancy and I'm always hungry!! What can I eat that's filling and healthy without putting on too much weight?

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Same here, 25 weeks along and always hungry! I consulted my OB about 2 weeks ago and she advised that I consume brown rice and whole wheat bread instead of white to lessen the possibility of developing gestational diabetes. I followed her advice and I also increased my veggies intake. For breakfast, I now usually eat a bowl of oatmeal with milk. And then, I eat full meal for lunch (rice, veggies and meat) but I limit my brown rice to just half or 1 cup max. I usually have wheat bread sandwich for pm snacks and eat just fish/meat and veggies at night. Surprisingly, brown rice and whole wheat breads are more filling for longer hours despite the smaller servings than when I eat white rice and breads. I also make sure to drink water frequently in between meals throughout the day. When I crave for sweets, my go-to snack is black chocolate oatmeal cookies (bought online or my own home-baked). I have also learned to prep and bake a few other whole-wheat pastries already (thanks to Google) so I can have alternative snacks from time to time. 😊 Hope this helps! ❤

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Have some healthy snacks on hand to nibble on in between meals, here are some suggestions: - single serving cups of yogurt and cottage cheese, with a small pack of pretzels or baked chips or crackers - single serving of cheese wedges and string cheese - granola bars (look out for the low sugar varieties as some tend to be high in sugar) - small packets of nuts or raisins, or mix trials Have these with you and munch on them to keep you full. If you find yourself constantly munching on these, have smaller balanced meals (instead of your usual three large ones) to prevent overeating.

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Try to eat balanced, nutritious meals. Go for small, frequent meals than 3 large ones, and drink plenty of water. Meanwhile, here are some ideas for healthy, nutritious snacks: 1. granola, yoghurt and berry bowls (add chopped nuts too if you please!) 2. using avocado as a spread on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise 3. adding quinoa to your salads

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Ay ganon pala un sis pag pinag lilihian ei,kuntento na kht un Lang kinakain now ikow kaya pala,kht ano dami Ng kinakain ko parang balewala,Kung milktea parang Ang gaan Ng feeling ko and parang nag p fiesta c baby sa tiyan ko hehe. I'm 25 weeks pregnant too.

Lots of fruits, vegetables, unsaturated fats like nuts (roasted almonds) and lean proteins like fish (low in mercury of course). http://sg.theasianparent.com/pregnancy_diet_donts/ http://sg.theasianparent.com/no-stress-ways-of-eating-for-two-when-youre-pregnant/

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25 and 6 days pregnant n poh aq,lage aq nkakaramdam ng gutom,ndi poh aq mkuntinto n walang rice pg breakfast,khit pglunch..pag dinner dq din mcontrol kain q hnggat d aq mbusog..advice poh?bka mktulong..

1mo ago

same here

Im 25 weeks pregnant kinakabahan po ako 4days na po ako nagspotting kahit may pampakapit na ako every morning may spot parin ako.nagpacheck up na rin ako sa ob ko sna mawala na ung spot ko🙏

6mo ago

nag pa Ultrasound kapo bah?baka Po mababa matress nyu?ano Po Sabi no OB?

I snack some healthy snacks such as homemade jelly, coconut water, baked sweet potato, homemade puddings. Something lite but still satisfy cravings but not too fattening like instant snacks 😛

- Baked potatoes with yogurt - whole grain cereal - healthy nuts - avocado with yogurt - banana smoothie - hard boil eggs - plain crackers with yogurt/avocado

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ah 25weeks pregnant po ako nun nagpaultrasound po ako sabi ob ko suhi daw si baby ko me chance pa po kya umikot sya bago ako manganak salmat po sa mga sasagot and godbless po

9mo ago

ung s gender po mern po kong mga kakilala hanggang sa bago xa manganak sbi girl tas nung lumabas boy😁kaht anong gender nmn po happy tau kso kse mahrap din dhl kung nakabili n tau ng mga gamit nla😁