first trimester

I'm in my first trimester. Im always feeling giddy and I feel like vomiting. is it very normal?

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Yes. same goes to me during my 1st trimester. Just eat small meal and remember to hydrate yourself. Almonds or any kinds of peanuts and watermelon helps a lot for me!

It’s normal.. I had it throughout my first and half time of my second trimester.. Try to catch some rest and get some sour plum if you feel like vomit

Yes, it’s normal. Just try to rest whenever you can. Take small meals. Empty stomach might cause you to feel nauseous. Take care!

if it is affecting your daily life, you can speak to your gynae and get the anti- nausea medication.

7mo ago

the med? then i think you might stronger dose med. get help from your gynae before you get dehydrated babe!

very normal. usually go away frm 2nd tri.. depends on individual. keep urself hydrated

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varies with pregnancy... hopes it blows over for you soon... take care 💕

Yes is normal. You will be ok after first trimester

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Is normal. Morning sickness is like that.

very normal I was the same

Yes it’s normal