Weak during first trimester

Isit normal to feel extra tired and weak and lethargic during first trimester? I can't even seem to walk much and feeling giddy and nauseas.

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Yes I feel extremely sleepy I wish I can sleep 14 hours a day. I feel nauseated and bloated for whole three months, can’t really eat anything. But doctor says the nausea is caused by hormones, he’ll be worried if I’m not nauseous. It’s not good for me but it’s good for the baby. Hang in there.

yes my wife also experienced that. if you r working fron home, try to squeeze in some power nap it helps.


yes. i felt tired constantly. try to take naps whenever possible.

Yea it’s normal. The first trimester is very taxing on your body.

9mo ago

when will I get back my usual energy and not feel so weak and tired

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extremely normal. my first tri also similar experiences..

yes. normal. take alot rest, drink more water

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Yes mamshi

Yes me too