Baby Bump Not Showing

I am in my 12 weeks, but there isn’t any visible bump yet. Only notice my tummy getting bigger and flabbier. :( Each time i look in the mirror and i dont see the bump, i feel disappointed.

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Oh don't you worry, it will show in a few weeks :). Every woman's body is different. If you're a first-time mum, your baby bump might start showing any time between 12 and 16 weeks. If this isn't your first baby, you may start showing sooner than that! Also, older mums might start showing earlier than younger mums, because the latter's usually got stronger stomach muscles. As long as you've had your check up and your baby is growing normally, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Each pregnancy is different. Some mothers have very small bumps, some very huge. And sometimes if it's big during your first trimester, it could probably just be bloated. Watch what u eat, and don't eat anything that'll contribute to digestive issues or bloating. And there's nothing wrong with a little flab. It's what I call, "mummy's fluffy love,". If u do want a tone tummy u can apply few drops of vitamin e oil, mixed with a drop of lemongrass essential oil.

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3y ago

Any recommendation for the vit E oil?

Mine was visible at week 10. It looks like a week 20. Last and this week, my belly flatten. It could be the position of the baby or you just not as bloated as the rest of us (which can be a good thing). Nothing to worry about. It could be a blessing that your belly doesn't stretch as much, you can save up the cost for stretch mark cream! Most FTM won't show early too.

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My baby bump suddenly appear only when i turned on my third trimester. I remembered i was insecure and sad too for not being able to see any baby bump but trust me, when its suddenly appear big, it feels heavy! Hahaha. As long as you are healthy and baby are fine, that's all that matters. Thats what other mummies said to me too 🥰❤️

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Every mum is different :) Mine is more obvious only after 22-23 weeks but that's only if I wear clothes that are more fitting. Regardless of the bump size, I still feel my baby's kicks getting stronger and more obvious from 18 weeks. Try to take your mind off the bump size, maybe it's just because you have great abdominal tone!

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Don’t worry fellow mummy, as bumps show later esp for first pregnancy. Sometimes your middle looks bigger or flabbier due to bloating too. I’m coming 12 weeks with my first baby, and lost 5kg due to nausea, but the waist is disappearing and have flabby tummy due to bloating.

Isipin mo na lang mamsh na sexy tayong magbuntis. I am on my 12th wk also pero no baby bump also. Bilbil lang from my previous pregnancy ang meron. Mas nauuna pang lumaki ung bilbil ko kesa sa puson ko. 😂Pero okay lang yun kasi babawi sya pag 2nd to 3rd tri na

I’m on my 17th week and no visible bump except babat.. haha Everyday measure with measuring tape some more.. it’s okay, enjoy the bumpless tummy while you still can! Once there’s a bump, you won’t feel comfortable lying on your tummy or on your back!

Mine became visible around 17-18 weeks. It will 'suddenly' become more apparent! And i suddenly have nothing that could fit me anymore from the wardrobe. Dont be disappointed, everyone is different especially if this is your first pregnancy. So cheers!

Every pregnancy is different so don't get too worried about it. When your bump starts showing depends on your weight, height, number of pregnancies you have had, age, abdominal strength, position of your uterus and whether you are carrying multiples.