No visible bump at 14 weeks

Hi Mummies, I’m a FTM at about 14 weeks today but I do not see any visible bump yet. It’s worrying me as I do not have any symptoms yet got to wait awhile for my next scan. Is this normal? #advicepls

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It’s fairly normal esp for FTM. Depends on your body type, how much weight and how fast you gain and also whether u had strong abs before etc. My doc said she only visibly saw my bump at 25 weeks. Before that, I just looked bloated to her 😂 I didn’t have any morning sickness either but up till 20 weeks, I only gained 2kg. So long as baby is in the normal growth range, nothing to worry about ❤️

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I’m a FTM too and I’m at 19 weeks 1 day. My bump just started showing a few days ago, but even so it still looks like I just had a buffet at times. Haha. Probably will start looking more like a real bump after 20 weeks? I think height/torso length plays a part in the visibility of your bump too!

rarely seeing ftm start having bump once reach 2nd trimester, usually week 18 or so.. but also depends on individual body size.. heard some plus size people bump show slower.. afterall still depends on individual, mine consider early bump show..

Still too early for a bump esp for FTM as the stomach muscle is still tight. It will appear slightly around week 18 - week 20. At first will look like bloated , just finish eating a full meal. After 20 weeks, will be more or less visible!

Hi there, don't worry too much about the bump 😉 mine only started to show (not visible under most t-shirts & regular non-fitting dress) at week 17. It only starts to show under clothes after week 19. I'm a first-time mum too 😊

Dont worry. Its normal. Im a ftm too, and abit meaty somemore (uk size 12) and i didnt show till 3rd trimester (ard 27/28 wks. Currently 32wks).