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Hi.. Im having a sleepless night these few days.. I cant sleep at left position will feel uncomfortable but if right position can sleep peacefully.. My question is isit ok to sleep at only 1 position or have to change position? Im at 29w3d.

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I do recommend changing your position now and then if you want to sleep on your right side, so that baby doesn’t constantly press on the big blood vessels behind the womb on the right side.

My gynae said it’s okay to sleep on either sides as long as you’re not on your back. I’m sure it’s fine to sleep only in one position. Although try to switch sides if you can.

U will feel uncomfortable and cant sleep really well at one position. Your ear, arm and leg will feel sore... but flipping around also do affect sleep at times...

i keep tossing n turning thru out the nite...cuz my arms get numb aft awhile... i try nt to slp on my bk...but...that seem to b most comfy...

It’s ok to sleep on either side, it’s better to get some rest and don’t stress out

Yes ok to sleep on either side. Just try not to sleep on your back.

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Ok to sleep one position. Whatever make you sleep well.

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Just sleep in whatevwr position you are comfy with

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Better to sleep on your left side...

whichever that is comfortable for you.