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Anyone having difficulty sleeping at the 20th week. I can't sleep on left position but can sleep well on the right. I saw YouTube n articles saying, best to sleep on the left

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Same here. What I usually do is when I first sleep or when I am conscious, I will try to sleep on my left side. However in the middle of night, I always toss & turn and landed up on my back or right side. Most importantly, you must be comfortable :)

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Either side is fine, however, left side is best. I also find it difficult to sleep on my left coz of various pains. So, I sleep on my right side and switch to left once in a while

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Yup best to sleep on the left side but i tend to get tired staying in one position too long. I didn’t sleep the entire night last night.. think it’s normal

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What do you do if you get tired sleeping at one position for too long? I am at 32 weeks now and is having difficulty with sleeping at left side for too long. My left hip and legs get numbed. I will have to wake up and turn to right which by doing so I will not be able to get back to sleep again. Have been having sleepless nights for few days.

Try to sleep on left which helps in blood circulation. However in between you can switch ur sides from left to right or right to left. I do the same


it’s hard to sleep on your left the whole night. i think as long as you sleep on your side you are okay.

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I always sleep on the side ways! Either left or right. Whenever i feel comfortable...

At your own comfort level but the best is on left..

Either ways left or right. It can be halfway.