I'm going on a beach holiday with my 3yo toddler to Phuket and thinking of an island hopping tour. Any tips how both parents and kid can enjoy together?

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I would suggest u to stay racha island instead of hopping around with a toddler. (lots of things to bring along with a kid) It is a private beach but the cost to stay there is expensive. Next alternative is to bring him to sea aquarium. There are lots of things to do like sight seeing etc. I am sure u would have Fun even with out going to the beach or islands nearby.

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I recommend going to Khai island! Its abt a 10min boat ride and he can get to feed fishes in the sea at the beach. I brought my son there when he was 2yrs old and he totally loved it!

Phuket is a very family friendly holiday destination. Loads for both kids and parents to enjoy. Below is a site with awesome places you can take your child to, which includes a museum, a sea show etc If not, the beautiful beaches are enough to keep the family happy and relaxed. You can picnic, build sandcastles or simply chill and watch the clouds roll by. Just make sure you have tons of snacks, sunscreen and sandcastle spades for the little one :) I love Phuket! http://www.phuket.com/activities/top-10-kids.htm

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