10 weeks old LO refuse bottle

Hello mummies. I have been trying to train my LO to bottle feed since week 7 but unsuccessful so far. She will use her tongue to lick the bottle teat and do not suck at all. Sometimes she will even use her hand to push the bottle away. I have tried NUK, Hegen and Pigeon bottles. Any recommendations for me?

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My 3 mo old baby refused the bottle from 5 weeks onwards. Need to upsize the teat, try to get someone else to feed (because baby will want to latch on you), also hold the bottle with thumb and index finger, then gently place other 3 fingers under the jaw and push upwards to guide baby to suck. I never knew bottle training was a thing, but for ours, I guess it’s really necessary. Sometimes bringing baby out of the house helps too. The white noise and unfamiliar environment overwhelms their senses so baby is less resistant to drinking. Another way that I learnt from a lactation specialist is to get baby to lie sideways on a stroller (slight incline), pat baby till baby’s drowsy, then slip the bottle into the mouth. Again, baby will fight less. It’s still a difficult journey for me, but there’s some improvement

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mine since 8 weeks (2 months) until now (almost 6 months) still refusing bottle. my eldest girl last time also like this, but last time my mil train her from 2-5 months then she able again, but for this little one bcos I take care my self and I still DL so very difficult until now, not sure how I'm going to send her to infant care next month

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Have you tried getting other caregiver e.g. your husband to give the bottle? Babies are smart, they know when mommy is around 😃try not to be around when someone else is giving the bottle. Took us a week before my then 2mo took the bottle given by the dad. Check the flow of the teats too

Maybe you can get those teets that is similar to mother breast(nipple)

try getting someone else to feed?

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