sex during pregnancy

im going 21 weeks and issit normal to have a light bleeding after sex? not that much just a light one

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Monitor, like what the rest shared. Can be due to breaking of blood capillaries in the vagina, which is extra easy to at this stage, from the act. Happened to us too and got a mini scare. It was just 1 incident of light bleeding and no more thereafter. Baby is now 39 weeks doing well.

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It’s not good. Please do see your gynae to have checkup make sure the pregnancy is progressing fine.

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It isn’t normal. Might be good to let your gynae have a check to ensure everything’s okay

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Shouldn’t be bleeding. Please monitor. Anything heavier, go see a gynae

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do check w gynae asap just incase

Please check with your gynae

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Do check with gynae