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I’m a FTM and I’ll be delivering in October. Planning to take the B2+ subsidized ward. Anyone took B2+ ward before? How much did you have to pay after Medisave for normal birth/c-sect? Would like to go through normal birth but gotta prepare for c-sect just in case since I have low placenta 😄 Thank you!

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Hi, My edd is oct too. Planning to take b2+ also But heard from other mummies that now the b2+ ward is temporary closed. Not sure about the reason or maybe just due to covid? 🤔 if there is any mummies who recently just give birth @ kkh under sub can tell us if its really temporary closed?

2y ago

Yes.. I saw posts here saying that the ward is temporarily closed too sadly. Was already planning on taking that ward. Hopefully they’ll reopen by October because I really want it 😩

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Saw you posted this a while ago and by now you have already delivered your baby 😊 Congrats! May I please know if B2+ ward was available for you? Asking for a friend is due next month

2y ago

Hi! Thank you! And no.. B2+ ward is not available anymore. You can only choose between A, B1, B2, C ward 😊