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Delivered baby at week 29+3, Preeclampsia Tips

Here i’ll share my experience and few learning in case you are at high risk for preeclampsia. This is not a scary post. And if you still fear reading what might go wrong during your pregnancy, you can skip it. So i was diagnosed as high risk preeclampsia. And was put on Baby asprin 150gm per day. But i had 2 incidents of bleeding due to low lying placenta so i was advised to stop taking aspirin. All continued to go smooth since then. My BP reading was always within range. Urine test results also came up fine. On my scheduled. Week 28 appointment the ultrasound showed my placenta has also moved up and no more low lying. On Saturday night, while watching Netflix my gut feeling asked me to check my BP for no reason. When checked my BP was 177/100. My husband said it seems machine is wrong cz you are not having any other symptoms. I listened to him, and slept. But woke up again to test 1 more time. This time it was 180/100. I knew something wasn’t right cz i am someone whose BP is always on lower side (110/60). I called delivery suite of my hospital and told them about my only symptom high BP. They asked to come to get it checked professionally. Reached hospital, BP came 159/80. They did urine test. And it showed protein in it. They took more sample to send to lab only to find out it was 4gms. While it was all unfolding my gynae came on her off day to see me, and said we might have to deliver in next 10-12 days. Then within 30 mins, she said that i might have to deliver 2-3 days, by 11am she told me i’ll be delivering at 3pm. My baby’s activity was dropping and hence she took that decision. At 2:48PM Sunday my baby was delivered. Weighing approximately 2.5lbs, 1.14kgs. He’s in NICU now and doing ok. He’s expected to be there for 6-8 weeks there. We are taking 1 day at a time, and i know he’ll be fine as he’s with one of the best neonatal team. My learning from this : 1. Always trust your instinct when it comes to your pregnancy and baby. 2. Check your BP daily if you are high risk for preeclampsia, no matter you are taking aspirin or not. 3. Things may not go as planned for you but eventually you will accept it. And you learn that things could have gone even worse. 4. After delivery the BP will stay up upto 6weeks (only with preeclampsia). So be mentally prepared for that. 5. Baby blues are real no matter how strong you are, and how supportive your spouse or family is. I was hoping to deliver my baby in Oct but god had different plans. I have an August baby now. He’s strong and will come out stronger from this.

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