Baby kicks at 17 weeks???

I’m so excited but not sure if it was true. I just felt a subtle baby kicks in my tummy. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant. Is that possible? Or was it just a gas or something else that passed by my tummy? Lol. How many weeks of pregnant did you first experience baby kicks??

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Could be possible! I felt the most subtle of bubble-like feeling at Week 18. It felt like little gas popping at certain areas throughout the day. As the days and weeks pass, you’ll feel more of these “gas” popping and eventually you’ll just know it’s the movements. I felt my first subtle nudge at Week 19 going 20. Now at Week 21 I can feel more nudges, it’s so funny at times. Just went for a scan yesterday (11 June) and saw its gender. I’m having a sweet little girl. And she’s very active, kept moving and kicking. One scan caught her facing the camera, looks like my cheeky lil princess is taking a selfie even before she’s born! 😂 Soooooo excited for you!! All the best!!

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2y ago

Omg congrats to you dear on having a baby girl!! And thanks for sharing what you experienced with the baby movements. That’s exactly what I felt, like a gas popping in my tummy. Today I feel it too. So exciting. 🥰

I felt movements/kicks as early at 17 weeks for my first pregnancy. Now that im at 19weeks, getting stronger and active especially in the morning. Congrats mummy, enjoy every bits of it while we can! 😂

2y ago

So excited that I just felt “real kicks” from the baby. Thanks a lot dear ❤️

yes!!! i felt mine nowadays...especially these few days... she go all the way up and down... i hv to slowly rub my tummy and talk to her..ask her to b gentle..then it amazing...😂

2y ago

Omg that’s the kind of connection I want to feel 😍😍 how many weeks are you now? Thanks for sharing 🙏

Possible Is baby kicking! I first felt mine around week 18, I also thought was gas. But it got stronger the next day so it was definitely a kick!

2y ago

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing dear 🤗

Super Mum

The kicks can be felt between 16 and 25 weeks:) congrats! For me, #1: 22 weeks #2: 19 weeks

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