Feeling kicks in tummy

Hello.. I am 10 months postpartum. Recently, I've been feeling what feels like kicks from my tummy. I know it sounds bizarre as if I am probably imagining gas to be similar feeling when I was pregnant. I took 3 pregnancy tests which are negative and I been having my period past 2 months. So... The kick like feeling so I am just brushing it off as gas.... But is this normal to be feeling like this? Maybe I miss being pregnant that my brain associates gases for kicks. Im so weirded out by this lol..it feels so real I scare myself sometimes

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Could be phantom kicks. Normally happen after birth. You may want to Google about it but fret not it's actually very common.

im 10 month postpartum too..same as me..i feel like kicking in my belly...remind me of 15 weeks of pregnant...

it's normal. I had it before and got myself seen by doc. according to them, it's the uterus contracting.

Hi! its the uterus contracting! quite normal to have!

Its normal to have it , dun worry