22 Weeks, but feeling uneasy

I’m 22 weeks pregnant, my baby has been kicking actively since week 20 but recently I felt lesser kicks and even if there were kicks (Mostly at night) the kicks are near the lower part (Below my belly button) is this normal or is this a sign for concern?

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Super Mum

Everything you’ve mentioned is completely normal:) you’ll feel kicks more at night because you’re less active then, so baby seems to “come alive” more. Heh. Baby likes movement so when you’re moving about more in the day, sometimes baby will fall asleep too. At 22 weeks, your womb is still below your belly button, so it’s only normal that the kicks are there. Don’t worry.. when baby turns later on and he/she is much bigger, you’ll get kicks in your upper part of the tummy:)

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3y ago

Omg yay. So Glad to have this assurance. I kept having the thoughts that my little one might just drop out 🙈

same here sis.