Cost of igene test / harmony test / panorama test / oscar test

Can share how much is ur test ? And which is better ? Thanks

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Panorama was about $1.2K. Oscar was maybe $400? The difference in price was huge by a few times thats how I remembered. The rest I never heard of as I was only given these two options. The thing is I didnt want to waste further time and money taking chance IF oscar test was not as accurate along the pregnancy journey as pano is so I took the best I was offered. I was told that we should take test like these so we can have an earlier chance to decide on the continuation of pregnancy if the result was not ideal. I prefer to get it as accurate and early as I possibly can.

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The price different is huge from 400 to 1.2k roughly depending on which test you wanna take

I took panorama test that cost 1.1k sgd.

I took igene, cost me ard $990

u cjhek fore me