Panorama test came back with no results

Did a Panorama test 2 weeks ago and was told that the lab came back with no results. Clinic told me not to be worried about it and requested for me to take another blood test, this time round for Harmony. Has anybody had a similar experience as me? Why did the clinic not do a blood test redraw for the Panorama again but to switch for a test under Harmony instead? Is a no result under Panorama a room for concern?

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At which week was your blood drawn for panorama? If I understood correctly, the test requires a certain percent of fetal cells/dna. If the test could not be done properly, another would be done at no additional cost

4y ago

Hi there! My blood test was done around mid of Week 13. I understand that it might also be due to low fetal fraction which I cannot ascertain cos not much was on the "no result" report. But I dun really understand why the gynae told me to take a test under Harmony instead of Panorama again cos both procedure seems to be quite similar from what I understand.

i did not have results for paranoma too but as i have vanishing twin, my gynae advise to change to igene instead