Low birth weight baby

I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant. I just went for a check up and doctor said my baby is 2kg. I will be in induce labour next week but I'm really worried. What can I do to gain more weight?

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Same case with me. I was advised to have doppler velocimetry in order to check the condition of my baby at 36 weeks and 3 days. Then NST to monitor the heartbeat. If the result was not ok, i was advised to have a CS so that baby will be saved. The baby has improved on the 1st monitoring so i was advised to come back 3 days after for another NST and 6 days after for (to complete my 37 weeks) doppler and NST. The result of NST was that the heartbeatbof baby is not good and baby's losing weight instead of gaining. So i was bought to an emergency CS. Every check up, we brought with us our things for the hospital and was ready already just incase.

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