Low birth weight baby

I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant. I just went for a check up and doctor said my baby is 2kg. I will be in induce labour next week but I'm really worried. What can I do to gain more weight?

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why are u having induced labor? anything wrong ? better to find out first. weight is just a gauge.

Take maternal milk and eat durian to increase baby weight if you do not have GDM.

2y ago

Can consider taking Abbott similac maternal milk as it is suitable for mummy with GDM.

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More protein! I rmbr chugging almonds n milk n increased 500gm in ard 1.5wks 🤣

2y ago

Eat egg everyday it helps! 👍

eat dates, n drink dates n figs milk shake i hope it will work


Eat durian, whipped potatoe can gain weight too.

Durian and avocado

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Eat durian, Avocadoes.

Eat Durian!

Drink avocado smoothie

Eat more meat