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I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant. Having trouble of sleeping posture as I have been having some lower back aches but when I consult my doctor about it she told me it’s normal and all I have to do is sleep in my left side. But it’s been a month and it’s getting worst. Also I can’t sleep comfortably it seem like I’m having insomnia. Any advise on my sleeping posture? And how to sleep comfortably? I know having a frequent urine is normal but it’s always in the middle of the night and I can’t get enough sleep Everyday. Please do give me advise as I’m first being a mom here.

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Maybe try to prop up your back with some pillows instead of lying flat on the bed. It gets more uncomfortable as your tummy grows bigger. You just need to find your comfort spot / position. Get your partner to press / massage your back while you lie on one of your sides, it helps a lot for me. Elevate your legs as well few times in a day. Put a pillow in between your legs when you’re lying on your side. Trust me it will get so much more uncomfortable in 8th/9th month of pregnancy. Your tummy will be heavy and no matter how you turn, it will be uncomfortable because your back will ache like hell. So better find a position most comfortable and try switching positions every few hrs. Another brilliant idea is to go for chiropractic, it is expensive but worth it. Avoid drinking a lot few hrs towards bedtime so you don’t have to get up and pee every now and then. Drink more during day time instead. I know even a cup of water just before bedtime can make you get up many times in the middle of the night. So best is to avoid drinking a whole cup. Substitute your water intake during the day instead.

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2y ago

Thankyou super helpful po ng sudgestion nyo🥰❤️

same here po..33 weeks and 5 days.. grabe ang lower back pain pero nakaka sleep naman ng maayos..dagdag ka lang pillows..and di na ako masyado nag iinum water pag gabi.hehe

have you tried buying a sleeping pillow. sleeping pillow can really help you. You can also try having a warm glass of milk before sleeping or having a hot shower :)

2y ago

I tried the pillow but it’s seem more uncomfortable instead. I didn’t know if it’s insomnia. And I’m allergic to milk though 😭😅

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Frequent urine is normal but if your back ache is getting worse I think you should consult your gynaecologist again. Take care!

Same for me!! I am at 33 weeks too 🥺

sleep on sides... keep supporting pillows