Rashes on hands / left foot

Hi mummies, i’m in my 3rd tri (33 weeks) and i’m currently having some rashes on my hands and on my left foot. Is it normal? Should i be concerned? It’s been a couple of days now and i’m trying out calamine lotion to see if it helps to ease the itch. Any recommendations?

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Mine also just started and it was crazy itchy to the point i couldnt sleep. Gynae gave me antihistamine but didnt work at all. Luckilu my mil told me to boil “sireh” or betel nut leaves and soak my feet and hands in the water(once warm enough) and the intense itch went away instantly!

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Nope, I don’t think it’s normal to have rashes. Put some cold aloe Vera gel on affected areas and monitor. If it doesn’t go away is 2/3 days, please see a doctor

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Religiously apply virgin coconut oil mommy. It will go off if its eczema.

SuuBalm rapid itch relief works great for me! I also get abit of rash, especially when the weather is hot.


is it due to heat and excessive sweating? if unsure best to check with doc

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Please have it checked with your OB.