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Pls help! My Son is healthy and drinking a lot of milk but my breasts are swollen and engorged everytime he wants to latch he can’t hold on to my nipples and it’s so painful for me. I’m finally able to breastfeed but it hurts so much I can’t feed him. I tried pumping but so far my milk supply is really Low. Pls give me some advise on how to double up my milk and how do I get my breasts to reduce swelling so I can finally latch? I feel so depressed. Everytime he wants to latch I can’t give him that and it’s making me feel like I’m losing my bond with him. ?

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Latching on demand is the best way to remove milk, regulate your milk supply, and prevent engorgement. You can try to massage your boobs and hand express some milk before latching your baby. You can google Youtube videos for more information. A proper latch is important so that it is not painful for you. Have you tried using a nursing pillow? If not, you can try using pillows to help support your baby when he latches and ensure a deep latch. If he still cannot latch properly, you may want to consult a lactation consultant to see if he has a tongue tie. Pumping usually will yield less as compared to latching and is not a true reflection of your milk supply. Sometimes, it could be that your pump doesn’t have enough suction to clear your boobs or the flange size could be wrong. You can join Breastfeeding Mothers’ support group Singapore on Facebook to seek advice on breastfeeding too.

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If swollen and engorged, prob there is milk inside that cant get out. Massage hard to clear the ducts. Once the ducts are clear, then up your supply by diet and more sleep or even fenugreek. Dont try to up your supply when the ducts are still blocked. The engorgement will worsen.


Engorged may be your milk block not no milk. Use hot compress massage pump for 20 min, hot compress again for 5 min and pump for 10 min repeat twice then cold compress. You should clear your block milk asap to prevent Mastitis

pump before he drink. my bm totally no more when she 4 month and she keep want to drink my bm but i couldn’t give her. when i carry her she will find my nipple to latch but no milk

Some TCM clinics do provide massage service. You may want to check it out. I attended a talk several years ago and understood there is such service to help engorgement.


Pump out Abit first?