Warm water and water makes me nausea

Hello everyone 😂🤣 i’ve been drinking warm water quite frequently ever since i knew i was preggy. it’s been 6 weeks so far. i’m at my 10th week now. my body start to reject warm water / room temp water as the moment i drank i felt nausea and feel like vomiting. any advise what kind of drinks i can substitute with ? thank you 🙏🙏😊 #ftm #water #nausea

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I tried to sip on cold water too. It seems to work for me but we shouldn't drink too much cold water too :p I would add a slice of lemon into slightly warmer water too, that helps too:)

I'm 10 weeks today. Same for me. Water tastes disgusting now 🤢 Cold icy water works for me if not I'll have juicy fruits instead like fragrant pears or watermelon.

same thing happened to me, so I'm only drinking cold water and sparkling water now.

I substituted with sparkling water, lemon honey water, ginger ale.

Try Room temp water with some slice lemon

4mo ago

oh yes.. can try adding different fruits to water

sparkling water or flavored water

4mo ago

thank you for sharing ! 😁

I drank ice water 😄