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My unexpected labor and delivery

Kislev Leriebel EDD : 12/9/2020 DOB : 11/19/2020 Via NSD Hi! I never thought that this time around I won’t be the one reading another person’s labor and delivery story :) Here’s me , taking my turn in sharing to anyone whoever finds interest in reading my story :) November 18, 2020 - Was checking TAP reading other momshies labor and delivery story. Sabi konsa sarili ko “ buti pa sila nakaraos na , may baby na. Ako kelan kaya manganganak?” I always pray na sana by 37 weeks managanak naku , kung pwede sana sa fiesta ng birhen de la regla. Everyday I try my best to attend the live novena mass praying na sana manganak na ako , hindi maging masyadong mahirap ang labor ko, normal delivery si baby at maging healthy si baby. *****1:00 PM Fast forward in the afternoon, I decided to check youtube and do some exercise. This is a prenatal yoga and exercise to induce labor. Also, this day is my 6th day of taking evening primrose orally 3x a day. After doing the exercise , napagod ako so I decided to take a nap. ****4:00 PM I woke up kasi naiihi. And then there was a trickle of water na light brown. Nung tumayo ako, my another trickle but this time clear ang liquid. I wasn’t in any pain at this moment. I informed my partner and I told him im not sure if it was my bag of water. I informed my ob and my ob advised me to go to the hospital and magpa IE. I decided to prepare all the stuffs na dadalhin sa hospital jud incase. **** 5:00 PM May nag lumabas na naman na water , this time marami rami na siya and medjo pinkish. 2x may luamabs na water. **** 7:00 PM We left home and brought all our hospital stuff. We decided to have dinner and we also bought a few things we might need. Still not in labor. ***** 10:00 PM We arrived at the hospital every now and then naninigas tummy ko but it wasnt painful and during the travel more water ang lumalabas sa akin. We filled out a few forms, had a swab test. **** 11:30 PM My swab test came out negative so i was brought to labor room para i IE. November 19,2020 ***** 1:00 AM 4 CM na ako. My baby’s heartbeat is monitored including my contractions. Every now and then naninigas na tummy but there is no intense pain. Parang wala lang. **** 4:00 AM Nagsimula ng sumakit kada tigas ng tyan ko. Peronyong tipong bearable pa. sabi ng incharge next IE ko is 6:00 AM **** 5:00 AM Pasakit na ng pasakit tyan ko, dumating na sa point ma parang hindi ko na kakayanin. Napapakapit na ako sa gilid ng bed, hinihilot na ng mga staff yong balakang ko everytime na nag cocontract ako. I was shaking from too much pain. They decided na IE ako Earlier , and bwala I was 8-9 cm dilated. A fee minutes later , the ob arrived at In IE ako ulit and was sent right away sa delivery room. ***** 5:30 Nasa delivery room na kami, hindi ako agad nakahiga kasi nag ko contract ako habang nasa wheelchair. Sobrang sakit ansarap i utong. I was instructed na saka lang umutong pag humilab na tyan ko. Na pag uutong ako , tingan sa tiyan , hinga ng malalim, utong tahimik , utong na tipong natatae. **** 5:55 aM After 5 sets of pushes, baby’s out! I never expected na manganganak ako on that day , sobrang sakit pala maglabor lalo Na pag manganganak kana talaga. Ansakit rin pala pag tinatahi. Nagka 3rd degree tear ako. Very relieving yong pakiramdam pag lumabas na si baby :) I thank God, the blessed Virgin Mary , Papa Jesus for helping me all throughout my journey. I am also very grateful for everyone who prayed for me. Truly, the journey to Motherhood may differ from one person to another but it surely is one hell of a journey I’ll forever remember and thank the Lord for.

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My unexpected labor and delivery
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