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So im almost done with my first trimester!!! Honestly since the time I found out I was pregnant and did my checkups.. I had no morning sickness… neither strong cravings or nausea.. everything has been in generally normal, besides just the fatigue that can be overcome with afternoon naps… Still doing my normal yoga classes, stop my spinning classes that I go frequently but dr said after first tri, I can go back to spinning. Most importantly to listen to your body. Was just wondering if its true that if I finish first trimester easily, The rest of the time during my pregnancy, itll be easy? Some people tell me if its a good first tri, it might be also a girl 🤣 dont know how true

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Hello mommy Every pregnancy is different, I too had baby girl and yet had morning sickness nausea till around 20 weeks. I had slight craving too. Because Ur first trimester went this way we cannot conclude this is how the rest of your pregnancy will be. But morning sickness mostly is observed during first trimester so you might have crossed it. Stay strong happy and positive. All the best to have a smooth pregnancy ahead

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I'm almost done toooooo! bo morning sickness or vomiting, just nauseous frm wk7 to 10.. but my face jialatttt... darker eye circle and pimples poppppping. so some say usually having boy would be like this 😆 my friend just gave birth she said she didn't have any pimple and she has this constant glow in her. her baby girl was so comfortable and past edd too 😂

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Week 8 now! No morning sickness so far, only aversion to some foods that i previously love. Cravings sometimes but not very weird cravings. I havent gone for prenatal check up too! Bcoz it is advisable to go during 8wks onwards. Will go on my 8wks5day.

week 6 now i wish my 1st trimester is success then im happy. tired yes.. everyday i need nap. appetite not reli have. but always hungry. and eat extra during my main meals. still need snacks in between.

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Congrats and happy for you to pass your first tri! Second tri awaits you with more surprises but generally it should be smooth sailing too. I’m week 18 and I’m enjoying my second trimester 😍😍😍

Doesn’t works the same for everyone but I had a smooth pregnancy with no MS, nausea nor fatigue. Baby so comfy that she stayed past her EDD haha. Mine is a baby girl.

I have no morning sickness, just sensitive to smell. However, my feet are very puffy in the third trimester. I’m having a girl too :)

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same as you but i have a boy

I had nausea till week 19 and it’s a girl. My friend who had a boy also had no MS and generally smooth sailing :)


i m currently 21 wks . No Morning sickness, no cravings nothing much except for being tired .. my is a boy

Mine also no nausea and also ger!