This is my second pregnancy and it's my first boy. The experience is way different from my first pregnancy... it's bigger and heavier! Good thing is I don't have morning sickness at all from first trimester till my last trimester. My first pregnancy with a girl... I suffered from depression , all day sickness and spend most of my pregnancy journey at the hospital though. It was tough! I started showing at 7 months and people thought I was only around 4 months pregnant at the time and because of my depression... I was induced at 37 weeks. I still suffered from depression until I drastically loss 10kg of weight. But it was different with my boy. I enjoyed eating and I started showing quite fast... it's so big although I'm a small build. No morning sickness , happy most of the time and now that I'm in my third trimester... I started to feel the pelvic pain and I can barely walk. It's so heavy! Started to suffer from backache. Is the baby coming anytime soon? I'm afraid that it's earlier than expected though. Everything is so painful , still... I can't stop eating

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So happy for you that you're enjoying your pregnancy this time 😊 Just know that every pregnancy is different. As you have been pregnant before, your uterus has stretched from the previous pregnancy that's why you showed up earlier this time. When I was pregnant with my girl, I had terrible breakouts, I only had morning sickness during my 1st tri and I only put 1kg throughout my entire pregnancy which is the same for all of my other pregnancies. When I was pregnant with my boy, I had a really huge tummy so unlike my other pregnancies that so many people thought I was carrying twins 😂 but he was the biggest of all my kids at 3.08kg. I had trouble getting up from bed because of my big tum. I am also a small build person. I think you're experiencing the pain because your baby's head is now on your pelvic area. This time round where all the pregnant women will walk like a penguin. You're 85% to full term (37 wks) which is ok to deliver. So fret not. Our EDD is only an estimated date till 40 wks of pregnancy but not everyone will give birth exactly on their EDD.

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