Nausea / Vomiting

Hello Mummies, I’m a first time mum here. I am currently at 14 weeks going to 15 weeks soon & I started to have morning sickness. First trimester wasn’t like this and i am still able to eat. Now that i just entered 2nd trimester, it seems that i am not able to eat anything without vomiting / nausea. Its really taking a toll on me & i am working as a frontliner. It wasn’t easy and honestly it affects me mentally. I mean, first trimester i had covid followed by bleeding then UTI until i have to be admitted. Now 2nd trimester, I couldn’t stop vomiting. I am honestly tired and stressed out. My next appointment will be next week & i just feel like taking MC but I can’t. 😞 #firstbaby #advicepls

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Talk to your gynae, get Diclectin to help with nausea. Eat smaller portion.