Tailbone Pain

Hello. I'm about 8 weeks++ and I've been having pain in the tailbone. Can't bend down to reach for something. Anyone else feeling this way?

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Tail bone pain is common during pregnancy. It's because of pregnancy hormones causing the ligaments to loosen and relax. Here is a simple stretching exercise which might help you: 1. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, approximately hip-width apart. Keep your arms straight alongside your body. 2. As you inhale, curl your pelvis until your lower back is gently pressing against the floor and the movement flows into you, lifting your hips. Hold here, with your hips above chest level for a few counts. 3. As you exhale, gently roll your spine back onto the ground, one vertebra at a time. As you relax preparing for the next lift, be sure your spine is neutral (meaning your lower back will be slightly off the ground, respecting the natural curve of your lumbar spine). Repeat 10 times.

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Yes, tailbone pain is commonly heard during pregnancy, though usually more in the later weeks. Those who have a history of back problems or who are overweight may experience more discomfort earlier on in the pregnancy. Try to avoid sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time. A heating pad or a warm soak in the tub may provide some relief. You might also benefit from a maternity support belt which will help lessen the weight directly on the pelvic bones and muscles.

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Oh its very normal to feel this pain. Don't sit or stand in one position for too long. And if you are in a desk job that needs many hours of sitting, sit in a really comfortable ergonomic chair. Gentle stretching can also help. When you feel discomfort, sit in a chair and cross one ankle over your knee. Bend forward at the waist slightly. This will stretch and open up the pelvis.

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Same here. i started feeling this way 3-4 days ago, can't bend or use strength, not even arm strength for now :( i am at week 8 now. wonder if it is my posture, or that i had an old injury from falling and landing on back/my tailbone on stairs, or sitting (& bad posture) too long during work, or i carried heavy stuff at earlier weeks :(

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currently week 14+ nausea and tummy pain starts to be back again. not sure the pain around my tummy is getting worst each day and it bloats up quite a bit.. anyone feels the same? it kind affected my backache and even when sleep, I cannot even sleep comfy at any sides.. needs to toss and turn until I'm super tired..

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8 weeks and 2days sobrang selan sa pagkain mabilis magutom mabilis din mabusog huhuhu😓 kahit gutom pa ako pero di na talaga kaya parang nasusuka na ako kapag pinilit ko pa😓 ayaw ko na din ng lasa ng itlog🤢 yung hilig kong kainin na buffalo wings hindi ko na din gusto😔

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Same here 9+6 today

Hello, I also experience right side tailbone pain during week 10..trying sleeping on left side, and next morning the pain is much reduced. At week 12 soon and the pain has suddenly gone off! Gynae said its normal to feel the pain as our uterus is expanding.

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Did your doctor give any medicine?

Same here, but i can bend down, but sitting makes me uncomfortable. And i put a pillow under my lower back when lying down. Is it ok having this kind of discomfort at this early age of pregnancy?

Hi I had tailbone pain towards my 2nd trimester Usually because baby is getting heavier. You should tell your gynae and ask for recommended exercises to strengthen your back.

yes me too i just experienced this today but i'm currently 13weeks! its not extremely painful for me, but more of like a strain when i walk or when i make certain movements.